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The GA-DE Mascara Edit

Set Your Luxury Lash Game This Holiday To Strong with GA‑DE Cosmetics...

...and these game changing luxury mascaras that will define, lengthen and fluff your lashes to the Beauty Gods above using advanced waterproof technologies of long wear, mega‑black and super lengthening formulations that are delivered by GA‑DE’s pioneering, hybrid and clump preventing wands.

Dress your lashes this Holiday in GA‑DE’s EXTENTIC luxury lash length and mascara long wear.

Get ready to drop this high‑tech mascara with antioxidant vitamins that delivers extreme length, buildable lift, volume and lash definition for up to 10 hours into your Glamour Genius basket.

This is the GA‑DE EXTENTIC Lengthening & Defining Mascara a (must have) in the 2021 Best in GA‑DE Winter Beauty list.


Upgrade your eye glam this Holiday with the GA‑DE ENIGMAGE Mascara; eye opening and panoramic lash lifting effects with a specially‑designed curved 3D Amplifier brush for 360° precision that saturates lashes from root to tip to create intense volume in a single stroke.

Get endless length, intense volume and a sky‑high lift with the GA‑DE ENIGMAGE Panoramic Lifting Mascara.


Discover FIVE ways to elevate your lash game with the new GA-DE WAVELASH Curling & Definition Mascara.

Get into GA_DE's latest mascara:

• with its unique hybrid brush and unique formula;

• that delivers unparalleled multi-dimensional curled and defined lashes;

• The flat part of the mascara wand promotes optimal coating;

• The curled part of the wand combs lashes for full volume and definition; and

• The unique crown tip grabs hard to reach lashes in the inner eye corners.

Switch to next level luxury lashes with the new GA-DE WAVELASH Curling & Definition Mascara.


Get INTENSE volumized lashes with GA-DE.

What's better than ONE mascara this Holiday? TWO!!!

This is the UK launch of the GA-DE INTENSE VOLUME MASCARA; GA-DE's long lasting ultra-volumizing mascara that's designed to deliver superior volume and striking intensity.

Want loud lashes? Shop the new GA-DE INTENSE Volume Mascara on

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